Granimator talk at Regent Street Apple Store

ustwo are hosting a free talk about their Granimator iPad app at London’s Regent Street Apple Store this Thurdsay evening (August 26) from 7pm to 8pm. Airside, Kate Moross and Research Studios are all confirmed speakers at the event and will be showcasing their recently completed Granimator packs. Creative Review will also be at the event where we will be announcing the imminent release of a CR-curated Granimator project consisting of six new artist packs…

Earlier in the year we blogged about Granimator – an iPad app that allows users to interact and play with visual assets created by a host of graphic designers, illustrators and artists.

Artists to contribute Granimator packs so far include the likes of Airside, James Joyce, Kate Moross, Buro Destruct, Yuko Kanatani and Pete Fowler – to name but a few – and now, Granimator developer, ustwo (who we profiled in our July issue) are set to host a free talk about the app and its development at London’s Regent Street Apple Store this Thursday, August 26…

As well as outlining the Granimator project, ustwo will be joined on Thursday by Airside, Kate Moross and Research Studios – who will all showcase their recently launched Granimator packs.

Creative Review will also be present and correct – to announce the imminent launch of a CR curated batch of Granimator artist packs, and to introduce artist David Henckel (one of the six CR pack artists) who will show his Granimator pack in action. More info about the CR Granimator project to follow in a subsequent post.

Join us at the Regent Street Apple Store in London this Thursday evening from 7pm-8pm


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