Grant Orchard’s Yeah Just There promo

Director Grant Orchard’s saucy Yeah Just There animation was made to celebrate his Granimator custom wallpaper-creating iPad app…

StudioAKA director Grant Orchard has created a saucy one minute animation to showcase some of the sexy graphics that feature in his custom wallpaper-generating Granimator iPad app commissioned by onedotzero

Yeah Just There from Grant Orchard on Vimeo.

Regular readers will recall that Granimator is a custom wallpaper creating iPad app, devised by ustwo (who we wrote about in our July 2010 issue). We then went on to curate a series of CR Granimator packs with five artists.

Now onedotzero’s series of Granimator packs has hit the virtual shelves and it features packs by 3KG, H5, Hideyuki Tnaka, Punga, LOBO, Motomichi Nakamura, as well as Grant Orchard’s pack, entitled Yeah Just There. However, a few months ago Orchard didn’t think his app was going to make it into the App Store.

“The YeahJustThere App was originally rejected by Apple in Dec 2011,” he says, “but we carried on with the animation so we could contribute to onedotzero’s 15th birthday celebrations in some way. Luckily the app was re-submitted and accepted at the start of April – so happy days.”

Find out more at

Credits for the above animation:

Visuals by Grant Orchard
Sound by Nic Gill @StudioAKA

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