Graphic Design Festival Scotland’s international poster exhibition

Graphic Design Festival Scotland’s exhibition in Glasgow showcases 200 great posters from around the world

Graphic Design Festival Scotland's international poster exhibition. Image: Stephen Hughes
Graphic Design Festival Scotland’s international poster exhibition. Image: Stephen Hughes

Graphic Design Festival Scotland is hosting three exhibitions at the Lighthouse in Glasgow this month, including an international showcase of poster art.

The exhibition features shortlisted entries to the festival’s annual international poster competition. Judges Unfun, Lamm & Kirch, Étienne Hervy and Warriors Studio selected 200 designs from over 3,400 submissions to appear in the show. They also chose three winners.

Koos Breen received first place and £500 for his poster series for the Royal Academy of Art The Hague promoting its presence at publishing fair Offprint Paris. Posters show books spread out on a colourful tablecloth – one features a typographic design while another shows a spread from a photobook by academy student Gilleam Trapenberg. Posters are double-sided and feature information about the academy’s photo department on the reverse.


Warriors Studio says the series “is a strong combination of an interesting concept with an original, engaging and practical resolve. It also works particularly well as a functional and practical piece of design which we value highly, they add.

Second place and a prize of £300 went to a triptych of posters created for Measure and Scale, an exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague showcasing the work of architect Zdeněk Fránek. Posters were created by Nedelka and Báchor and respond to the show’s title using typography, grids and black-and-white imagery.


Third place and a prize of £100 went to Knoth & Renner for .move ON! – a poster created for the Werkleitz Center for Media Art in Halle, Germany. The poster was created for the 2015 Werkleitz Festival and reflects on the idea of cultural production and digitally connected global networks of artists and curators, say Knoth & Renner.


Posters are on display at the Lighthouse in Glasgow until November 25. The Lighthouse is also home to an exhibition of commissioned and self-initiated work from Copenhagen design studio PUTPUT, which includes photography, sculpture and some unusual inventions:

And an audiovisual installation created by Design Displacement Group, a collective set up with the aim of exploring design in new and unusual ways.

DDG says the show explores “theatrics and performative requirements of a design practice.” It describes the exhibition as a re-appropriation of the narrative format of the opera – The four grand themes of this opera (and any other tragedy) being love, jealousy, ambition and revenge.”

Exhibitions are open Monday-Saturday from 10am until 5pm and entry is free – for details, see or

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