Graphic designer vs client

“Are you going to do it in Microsoft Word? I have a friend who says that is all you need…” You’ve all been there

This brutally funny take on a rather familiar scenario has been doing the rounds recently (thanks Gary Cook for the tip). Given the subject matter and its suggestion of a lack of value being placed on design skills, perhaps it’s a little ironic that it was made using xtranormal, a ‘text-to-movie’ service that turns users’ scripts into mini-films using its predesigned characters and backgrounds.

It’s a lot of fun and has potentially exciting uses in education as well as in the “dicking about at work making funny stuff to send your mates” sector, but here’s what the makers have to say: “Xtranormal’s mission is to bring movie-making to the people. Everyone watches movies and we believe everyone can make movies.”

Hmmmm, just like everyone can design a logo, right?

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