‘Great’ Britain by Natasha Pszenicki

Honourable Mention – Personal

Natasha Pszenicki created this work alongside broadcaster Ayo Akinwolere with the aim of portraying “some of the restrictions he has felt being a Nigerian-born Black man living and working in Britain”.

“Following the death of George Floyd, the BLM voice was amplified, and the role of white privilege in unconscious bias and its far-reaching consequences exposed,” says Pszenicki. “This gave Ayo the confidence to speak out about his own experiences and life in ‘Great’ Britain.

“The narrative of the series was designed around his voice: people’s distorted views of him, bound by the trauma of history, thwarted by misguided phraseologies of white people, the struggles of being made to fit within certain spaces in media…. But also undercurrents of hope, looking towards the future, breaking free from the shackles of racism and inauthenticity through education and shifting attitudes, and a move towards a more liberated, creative future.”

Photographer: Natasha Pszenicki
Model: Ayo Akinwolere
Set Stylist: Lee Flud