Poster Power! Great Posters & How To Make Them

Got a budding designer in your life? Then new book Poster Power! might just be the perfect present.

Poster Power book

Poster Power! is a new book by designer and illustrator Teresa Sdralevich that gives young readers a canvas on which to create their own posters as well as a swift education on the art of poster design (and also what it is that graphic designers actually do).

The book features reproductions of seminal poster design through the ages from the likes of Tomi Ungerer, Saul Bass and Alejandro Magallanes and explains their different styles and why their poster designs work.

Poster Power book

Sdralevich then encourages the reader to have a go at doing their own posters using a range of elements and concepts. Budding designers are encouraged to think about how to marry two concepts to convey a single message; how to exploit the power of the diagonal; and to consider how different typefaces impact on the words they are spelling out.

The tone of the book is informative but light and Sdralevich’s distinctive illustrations help articulate the concepts in a digestible way. And at the back she has included a selection of collage materials that readers can use in their own posters. It all makes for a perfect introduction to design for kids.

Poster Power book

Poster Power book

Poster Power! Great Posters and How to Make Them by Teresa Sdralevich is published by Cicada Books, priced £12.95;