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Hipgnosis 10cc Deceptive Bends

How to design a record cover in 1977

Published this month is a new book documenting the design work of Hipgnosis, the studio behind iconic album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Paul McCartney, AC/DC and many more. The book features contemporary reflections by Aubrey Powell on the 373 covers produced by the studio, as well as this archive text, from 1977, in which the late Storm Thorgerson explains the creation of 10cc’s album Deceptive Bends.

How To Kill Yourself With Chocolate by Kakao Editions

CATEGORY: DESIGN (Editorial)  Entrant: Kakao Editions This self-initiated A3 book is a collaboration between photographer Martina Lang and graphic designer Valentine Ammeux. It centres around Theobromine, a toxin found in cocoa which is deadly in sufficient doses. The surreal cookbook “is a guide to the most heavenly way to enter the afterlife. Where science meets […]

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