Greenpeace: Don’t Stop film

Entrant: Mother; Category: Sound Design & Use of Music

Greenpeace Don't Stop film

To bring new audiences into the fight against Big Oil, Mother reimagined Fleetwood Mac’s hit song Don’t Stop with new lyrics that act as a call to action, turning the iconic chorus from 1977 into a rallying cry for young people today.

Young people are our future, but when it comes to the climate crisis, they’re being ignored. By the time they’ll be old enough to be taken seriously, it’ll be too late for meaningful change. So Greenpeace wanted to give them a world stage, making it impossible for our leaders not to listen.

Mother’s solution was to unite the masses behind the reimagined Don’t Stop via a short film featuring Will Poulter and executive produced by Steve McQueen. The film is an arresting narrative on climate change through the lens of a party that is spiralling out of control – a metaphor for the oil and gas industries partying like there’s no tomorrow while leaving young people with the burden of cleaning up the aftermath.

The track premiered on stage at the 2023 Glastonbury festival. Fleetwood Mac gave their blessings to use the original song and Grammy-winning producer Fraser T Smith then remixed the original musical beds from the track to create a reimagined version of the song that could keep the original chorus while also bringing in new climate-inspired lyrics from rapper Avelino. The instrumentals were recorded by youth development orchestra Tomorrow’s Warriors.

Agency: Mother
CCO/Partner: Felix Richter
Creative Director: James Sellick
Creative: Scott Anderson
Strategy: Tatiana Jezierski
Chief Production Officer: Anna Murray
Producers: Tommy Frankau, Joseph Ogunmokun
Head of Communications Design: Ben McNaughton
Design Director: Mike Mercer-Brown
Designer: Hen Pritchard-Barrett
Business Lead: Reiko Bridge
Mother: Albert Ponelle
Nanny: Kat McKabe
Track: Christine McVie/Universal Music Publishing Group
Performer: Future Utopia X Avelino X Tomorrrow’s Warriors
Film Production: Lammas Park
Director: Samona Olanipekun
Client: Debbie O’Dowd