Hoare Lea: Greenpeace UK, BEAM Pavilion

Honourable Mention: Design, Installations and Exhibitions

BEAM Pavilion was created by artist Wolfgang Buttress and commissioned by Greenpeace UK for Glastonbury Festival in Somerset. It is permanently installed within the Greenpeace Field at Worthy Farm and consists of a 30m woodland dome pavilion made from over 7,000 locally sourced and unprocessed Sitka spruce posts. The pavilion highlights the plight of the honeybee and the vital role it plays in pollinating 30% of the food we eat.

Hoare Lea teamed up with Buttress to deliver the design and the installation of digital audio and video systems for the pavilion. The studio’s creative design team provided the technical, audiovisual and electro-acoustic systems design, which envelopes visitors in 360-degree soundscapes, projection and lighting. Visitors enter the woodland pavilion through numerous convoluted pathways lined by rising tree trunks inter-planted with wildflowers, leading to an 11m-wide hexagonal clearing. The internal space is surrounded by 3.5m-high wooden lenticular screens to create a fully immersive experience.

The installation uses accelerometers – vibration sensors – to measure the live activity of the Cornish black bee colony in place at Michael Eavis’ Worthy Farm. These live signals are transmitted to the sculpture, where bespoke algorithmic control software converts the vibrational signals into data controlling dynamic light and audio signals and effects 24 hours a day.

BEAM hosted more than 100,000 visitors over the five days of Glastonbury Festival 2019.


Artist, Concept and Design: Wolfgang Buttress
Electroacoustic and Audiovisual Engineering, Digital Systems Technical Design, Sound Design and Programming, Production Management, Show Control and Project Delivery: Paulie Roche, Mike Bedford, Hoare Lea
Show Control Programming: Luke Knott, Hoare Lea
Soundscape Composition and Curation: Kevin Bales, Tony Foster, Wolfgang Buttress, BE
Custom 6K Projection Map Processing: Realtime Environment Systems
Projection Content: Squint Opera, Battlecat Studios
Film and Thermal Footage: Lock Up
MRI Footage: Nottingham Trent University
Physicist and Pollinator Consultant: Martin Bencsik
Equipment Sponsors: NEC, Meyersound, Shure
Production Installation and Commissioning: Hoare Lea & RES