Gustini’s identity offers a taste of la dolce vita

Koto’s refreshed identity and ecommerce site for the food marketplace take inspiration from Italian cuisine and sunny climes

Italy is known for its remarkable produce, laying the foundations for dishes that are beloved the world over. This “rich culinary heritage” provided inspiration for brand studio Koto when designing the identity and e-shop for Gustini – an online marketplace that delivers Italian food products to people all over Germany.

At the heart of the identity is a new logotype that “pays tribute to classic Italian graphic design” seen on signage and packaging in Italy, according to the studio. Meanwhile the primary typeface is the aptly named Sunset Gothic by Colophon, which was chosen for being at once legible and “distinctive” at various scales.

The identity was inspired by other vernacular materials seen across Italy, such as the charming suite of icons illustrating Gustini’s 11 product categories, which nod to traditional fruit wrappers you might find in market stalls. Further graphics were created for other touchpoints, like Gustini’s packaging.

The idea was to evoke sun-drenched visions of Italy through the visual and verbal identity. The breezy tone of voice and a palette of terracotta red, ocean blue, and warm golden tones all add up to a picture of la dolce vita.

The new design system has been integrated into Gustini’s online shop, also redesigned by Koto, which has been updated to improve discoverability as well as conversion.

“We aimed to create an identity that mirrors the rich flavours and immersive stories of Italian cuisine, drawing inspiration from the country’s incredible history of graphic design for food and packaging,” says Koto creative director Fred North.