Still from a Halls ad showing an office worker looking concerned

Humorous Halls ad captures an office nightmare

Created by David Madrid, the spot captures the excruciating process of messaging the wrong chat, with the help of some excellent narration and editing

A new ad for lozenges brand Halls takes us inside an agonising workplace dilemma, where the protagonist has made a set of digital stickers making fun of his boss and accidentally sends one to the generic work chat. Naturally, the image spreads its way around the office like wildfire.

As the situation flip flops between disaster and relief, the ad reminds us that in circumstances like these, steady breathing is essential – conveniently linking to the idea that Halls can help you breathe better.

The ad’s strength is in its simplicity, which allows the star of the show to shine through: the main character’s internal running commentary (at least in the English language version of the ad), helped along by the music and fast-paced editing.

The ad was created by David Madrid for the Brazilian market as part of a wider nationwide campaign called Just Breathe Through It.

Agency: David Madrid
Global CCO: Pancho Cassis
CCO: Saulo Rocha
ECDs: Renata Leão, Edgard Gianesi
Group Creative Director: David Krueger
Creative Directors: Sebastien Rouviere, Pedro Sattin
ACD: Renato Simon
Creatives: Hernan Irarrazaval, Maria Espada, João Cunico
Production Company: Hogarth
Directors: Santi Dulce, Julieta Cabrera