Hand.Written.Letter.Project – a new edition

Craig Oldham as just self published a second, expanded book documenting his Hand.Written.Letter.Project which includes new contributions from the likes of Michael Wolff, Corey Holms, and Ken Garland…

If you missed the Hand.Written.Letter.Project (HWLP) exhibition at London’s KK Outlet last summer, fear not: Craig Oldham has just self published an expanded second edition of the HWLP book of the project which features new contributions from the likes of Michael Wolff, Max Lamb, Ken Garland, and Corey Holms…

The project began in 2007 when Oldham invited designers and creative thinkers to handwrite a letter on their own letterhead, making their thoughts known about the demise of the handwritten letter.

A very limited book was printed to coincide with last August’s KK Outlet show while CR subscribers were also able to enjoy some of the letters in the August issue of our Monograph booklet (shown below).

The new edition features, Oldham tells us, “an expanded collection of new letters from luminaries of the design world, alongside heartfelt correspondence from people who just had something they wished to say and chose the HWLP project as a forum to say it.”

The new edition documents the project’s correspondence chronolgoically presenting each letter on its own dedicated page or pages. “Section-sewn into signatures and bound with an eight page double gatefold cover, this new book presents letter after letter, message after message,” says Oldham. “It’s the most complete resume of the HWLP to date,” he adds.

Some letters are longer than others

Some sign off with more kisses than others

Some are less legible than others

Some are more illustrative than others

Some are more colourful than others

Some are less erm, handwritten than others

The book is priced at £19.99 plus postage and packaging and is available from handwrittenletterproject.com/book

A percentage of proceeds from the book’s sales will be split and donated to the National Literacy Trust, and also D&AD


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