Dear reader,
There’s always something nice about receiving
a letter, especially these days when email, text, status updates and tweets dominate our commu­nication, leaving many to lose sight of the things that have been around for a while (like ink and paper). I believe it’s important they don’t…

The Hand.Written.Letter.Project extended an invitation to designers and creative thinkers alike to simply write and make known their thoughts on this situation, in handwritten form, using their stationery.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the project promises nothing other than handwritten
ephe­mera. Much of the correspondence is penned by the hand however, thanks to the creative excel­lence of the respective authors (some of the biggest and best designers and design studios from the world over), the letters in this project go further and deeper.

It’s about much more than voyeuristic insight into the creative minds of those we revere, more that it represents a visual narrative on the cultural transition in which we find ourselves. A transition about which you are welcome to share your thoughts: all you have to do is pick up that pen…

Craig Oldham

Craig Oldham is a designer who has made his mum and dad very proud having his musings and work featured in numerous journals, magazines, books, exhibitions, and won the odd award along the way. Dad would cite features on Match of the Day and in the Sun newspaper as high-points. Mum wouldn’t.

A fan of clichés, Craig likes to give something back. Actively involved with numerous universities, colleges, and schools, Craig lectures and runs workshops and classes as well as developing and moderating degree courses for graphic design. He’s also involved within the industry on judging and steering panels and the D&AD North Executive Committee. He swears too
much and wears weird shoes. Apparently.

This Monograph features selections from Oldham’s Hand.Written.Letter.Project which will be on show at the KK Outlet, Hoxton Square, London N1 from August 4-27. kkoutlet.com

A strictly limited edition book of the project, in support of the National Literacy Trust, is available at handwritttenletterproject.com


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