Happiness is in a Bottle

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam’s new global campaign for Coca-Cola launches this month, sporting new tagline, Coke Side of Life. “It was really difficult to put a tagline on this brand, it’s had 120 different tags before,” explain creative directors Rick Condos and Hunter Hindman. “It’s got to the point where the brand is so ubiquitous that you stop noticing it. A lot of our job is not to walk away from Coke’s brand values, but to create something where you feel you see the brand for the first time.”

The resulting campaign consists of a charming TV/cinema spot, Happiness Factory, which takes the audience inside a Coke vending machine into a world of spectacular landscapes and super-cute characters, all of whom help prepare the perfect bottle of Coke (which includes sacrificing some unfortunate snowmen to make sure it is suitably chilled). Alongside this, Wieden + Kennedy also released a series of short animated virals through banner ads, YouTube and other websites, in a bid to reach a teenage audience.

“It used to be just the Pepsi v Coke war but now there’s hundreds of brands coming at them, we have to find a way of making it relevant to them,” continue Condos and Hindman. This will be a continued strategy in the campaign, and the agency expects to explore other media avenues, including mobile phones, in the future.

Creative directors: Rick Condos and Hunter Hindman, with Antony Goldstein and Andy Walker on the Bubbles viral. Production companies: Psyop: Happiness Factory (with Hungry Man London), Doggy viral, Mr Happy & The Cloud viral; Transistor Studios (Inspiration viral), Lambo (Bubbles viral).


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