Harry Borden captures tender portraits of single fathers

Forty-eight fathers feature in Single Dad, a new photo book that aims to subvert long-held ideas around fatherhood and masculinity

Although the number of single mums in the UK remains disproportionately higher than that of single dads, families with lone parent fathers have been rising at a faster rate over the past two decades.

Portrait photographer Harry Borden’s new book Single Dad, published by Hoxton Mini Press, sheds light on this parenting setup through intimate images of 48 fathers and their children.

The fathers in the book have all endured some form of loss or heartache, with their stories woven throughout the book to accompany the photographs. The fathers reflect on life and, often, death; how they came to have their children; and the ensuing joys and struggles of lone fatherhood.

Their experiences paired with Borden’s images fill a gap in the portrait of fatherhood, which is not widely covered in written and visual storytelling, particularly beyond superficial accounts. Borden’s photographs feel gentle yet real and replete with nuance, in a bid to redress traditional ideas of masculinity and emotionally stifled fathers.

Single Dad by Harry Borden, published by Hoxton Mini Press, is available to pre-order; hoxtonminipress.com