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Harry Ead on leaving – and going back to – DixonBaxi

While returning to a previous place of work can sometimes be viewed as a step backwards for career progression, creative director Harry Ead’s experience has been quite the opposite. Here, he tells us why

In the fast-paced world of the creative industries, it has become increasingly common for people to frequently change jobs in order to climb the career ladder. What is less discussed, and definitely less expected, are creatives going back to a full-time gig at an agency or studio where they used to work. While there are countless reasons why someone would leave and return to a previous place of work, the case for and against it can be divisive. Some would say that it amounts to a physical and psychological step backwards in terms of career progression, while others would argue that if it’s the right role at the right time, then it isn’t a problem.

If you do happen to find yourself in a position where you have the opportunity to go back to a previous job, what is the right way to navigate the situation? For Harry Ead, who recently returned to brand and design agency DixonBaxi in the role of creative director, it comes down to clear communication – both with your employer and yourself. “I think that honesty is really important, and making sure you’re going back for the right reasons, because it’s going to help you develop rather than because it’s something you know,” he tells CR.