Hat-trick creates new identity for Stockholm’s Nationalmuseum

The branding for Sweden’s newly reopened national gallery is inspired by its mission to “connect the past with the present” 

Sweden’s Nationalmuseum is home to paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints from 1500-1900, as well as designs dating back to the Middle Ages. The grand building was created in 1866, and has just been renovated by Wingårdhs and Erik Wikerstål. The architects have restored original features, renovated exhibition spaces and created a new sculpture courtyard, restaurant and creative workshop.

Alongside the renovation, the museum recruited Jane Wentworth Associates to develop its strategy and commissioned London studio Hat-trick to design a new visual identity.

A new logo combines the letters n and m in a single ligature. A core colour palette of ochre and red mirrors the museum’s architecture and interiors (as well as traditional Scandinavian buildings found in Stockholm), and sans serif typeface Akzidenz is used alongside serif typeface Chronicle to reflect a sense of old and new.



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