Hawkes Over London

Photographer Jason Hawkes has been up in his helicopter again, producing a stunning set of images of London at night.


Photographer Jason Hawkes has been up in his helicopter again, producing a stunning set of images of London at night.


London-based Hawkes has specialised in aerial photography since 1991. In that time he has produced over 25 aerial photographic books, and his advertising and design clients include brands such as Nike, HSBC, Ford, American Airlines, Rolex, Toyota, Smirnoff, Mitsubishi and BP. These images were all shot this year, from a twin squirrel helicopter (which looks like this in case you’re interested).


Hawkes has two more books, Hawkes Eye View London and Hawkes Eye View Britain, out shortly published by AA.


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Radiohead Put The Value On Design

Radiohead release their new album, In Rainbows, at the end of next week. As usual, the artwork (above) was created by long-term collaborator Stanley Donwood . Radiohead have always placed enormous value on Donwood’s contributions but with this release, that value has been made explicit: the album will be made available as a pay-whatever-you-like-download, but if you want the version with Donwood’s artwork, it’ll cost you £40.

Painting modern life

Richard Hamilton, Swingeing London 67, 1968-9, © Richard Hamilton/all rights reserved, DACS 2007, © Tate, London 2007
The Painting of Modern Life, a new exhibition that opened this week at the Hayward Gallery in London, is ostensibly about the way that painters over the last 50 years have depicted everyday life, but it also tackles the medium’s complex and intriguing relationship with photography.

Wilson’s Last Project

Pennine Lancashire identity (detail) on black background
As the tributes following his untimely death made clear, Anthony H Wilson played an enormous role in the rejuvenation of North West England. Although he will rightly be remembered principally for his part in placing Manchester at the heart of popular culture, the final months of Wilson’s life were devoted, with his partner Yvette Livesey, to helping an area just to the north of the city. The project was also to be the last product of what has been one of the great creative partnerships, that between Wilson and designer Peter Saville. We talked to Saville about the project and heard from the people behind the creation of Pennine Lancashire.

Re-Bag Show

Spin’s Re-Bag design
Packaging manufacturer Progress approached 15 of leading design practitioners to create a design to be printed on reusable canvas bags with a theme of sustainability…

Graphic Designer

Fushi Wellbeing

Creative Designer

Monddi Design Agency