New challenger bank Hay gives finance a friendly feel

The newly launched Australian bank has a vibrant look and friendly tone that connects with a burgeoning crop of challenger banks

New Australian challenger bank Hay has centred its identity on a friendly, informal tone, sitting it comfortably among the cohort of fintech start-ups that are putting a clearer, more human spin on managing finances.

The Hay logomark comprises elements of an exclamation mark to highlight “the energy of the name and the brand’s attitude”, according to Sydney-based creative studio Christopher Doyle & Co, which led the branding, naming and positioning.

The look and feel is simple yet lively, thanks in part to a set of motion graphics that make effective use of the logomark, and messaging which plays with the brand name to create a chatty tone.

The colour palette and constituent parts of the logo share parallels with messaging platform Slack, reinforcing the idea that challenger banks like Hay are closer to tech startups than seemingly staid traditional banks – a perception that’s recently prompted the likes of NatWest and First Direct to experiment with new positioning.