Why Headspace is going local

Headspace’s Healthy, Happy America initiative will see the brand partner with local organisations to put on mindfulness events in cities across the US. We talk to Chief Creative Officer Caroline Pay about the project, and Headspace’s plans for the future

In the past ten years, mindfulness has become a billion-dollar industry. There are over 4,000 apps designed to help us focus, sleep, switch off or reclaim a sense of calm – and entire sections of bookstores devoted to the subject. But if there’s one brand that has led the charge in bringing mindfulness to the masses, it’s Headspace.

Founded by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, and ex ad man Rich Pierson, the company started out putting on events around London, with Puddicombe taking to the stage to share his tips and advice on mindful living. The Headspace app launched in 2012 with a series of guided meditation exercises narrated in Puddicombe’s gentle tones, and has since been downloaded 62 million times in 190 countries.

Over the past few years, Headspace has rolled out a host of new products and content – from voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to soothing YouTube videos. There are Headspace ‘packs’ to help you sleep, to help you destress and even to help you work out – as well as a wealth of content on the importance of taking time out to notice our surroundings.