Photograph showing a box of fried chicken, a red drink with olives on a cocktail stick, dipping pots of sauce, and a stack of chips laid on a red gingham tablecloth

Heinz and Morley’s serve up a saucy collab

The two food brands have joined forces on a new fried chicken sauce and a London pop-up in one of the more logical tie-ups of recent times

Condiment giant Heinz and chicken shop chain Morley’s have joined forces on a pop-up at Double Standard in London, which is serving up everything from Heinz wings to desserts covered in Heinz Ketchup sherbet.

The brands have also launched a limited edition fried chicken sauce, which features the Morley’s branding on the classic Heinz squeezy bottle.

The collaboration launched with an event at the bar attended by Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg and chefs James Cochran and Gizzi Erskine, among others.

Photograph of three plates of fried chicken and a squeezy bottle of Heinz and Morley's Fried Chicken Sauce laid on a red gingham tablecloth
All images: Caitlin Isola

References to Morley’s can be found everywhere, namely the red gingham pattern found across its shops and the boxes used to serve up food. Heinz features heavily on the menu but takes a backseat otherwise.

The flashgun imagery to promote the partnership draws on the relaxed, more-is-more photo style that’s reverberated throughout the food world, even on the fine dining end of the scale.

Photograph of a squeezy bottle of Heinz and Morley's Fried Chicken Sauce on a red gingham tablecloth
Photograph of a red gingham tablecloth covered in plates of food, including a chicken burger with an egg inside, onion rings, popcorn chicken, and chips, as well as orange cocktails and glasses of beer, as part of the Morley's and Heinz collaboration

It’s an intuitive brand tie-up: two everyday brands within the same world but different enough to make the whole thing worthwhile – think Tic-Tac and Sprite or KFC and Walkers crisps. The real curveball is The Standard, where the prices are boosted considerably compared to the usual menu at Morley’s.

The partnership comes off the back of Heinz’s collab with Absolut earlier this year, which capitalised on the newfound interest in vodka-tomato pasta sauce recipes after the combination was endorsed by model Gigi Hadid.

Photograph showing two people holding onto the same piece of fried chicken, leaning over a tablecloth covered in chips, pots of sauce, a box of chicken, and two glasses of beer
Photograph showing an orange drnik in a cocktail glass, a plate of fried chicken, and a squeezy bottle of Heinz and Morley's Fried Chciken Sauce, arranged on a marbled table with a plant in the background

Heinz x Morley’s is at Double Standard, London until September 3;