Henry Carroll’s new book explores the thinking behind great photographs

Photographers on Photography: How the Masters See, Think and Shoot analyses the work of breakthrough talent and established names – from Harley Weir to Viviane Sassen 

Henry Carroll’s 2014 book, Read This if You Want To Take Great Photographs, offered a handy guide to the basics of photography. The book, which offered tips on lighting, framing and composition, was a huge success, selling over 500,000 copies worldwide. Carroll and publisher Laurence King have since released guides to photographing people and places and building a profile on Instagram.

Their latest collaboration is less focused on technical considerations and more on ideas. Photographers and Photography: How The Masters See, Think & Shoot explores the work of some of the world’s leading photographers – from Ansel Adams (who captured America’s dramatic landscapes in the 1930s) to Maisie Cousins (who has found fame with compelling photographs that sit somewhere between repulsive and seductive).



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