DoorDash Canada ad

Henry Scholfield delivers a stylish trio of ads for DoorDash Canada

The theatrical ads mix set design and choreography to tell a tale of efficient service from the delivery brand

The campaign for DoorDash Canada is created by agency Hard Work Club and plays out over three ‘acts’, each offering a different perspective on the tale of a wrecked birthday cake and a party that is saved by the delivery service coming to the rescue.

Act One shows a customer whose child’s birthday party has potentially been ruined by a smashed cake (the result of an errant shot from a slingshot); In Act Two, we see the restaurant that is suddenly pressed into action to save the day; while Act Three gives the perspective of the ‘Dasher’ enlisted to quickly deliver the new cake to partygoers. The overall aim is to show the hard work behind-the-scenes that goes into delivering DoorDash’s food to customers.

“It can feel like you push a button and just like that, a delivery arrives at your door,” says Heather Cameron, head of brand & creative for DoorDash Canada. “But of course, there is a whole neighbourhood hustling to make that happen. This work gives merchants and Dashers their due, putting a magical spotlight on the whole flywheel that makes what we do possible.”

The ads are set in a fantastical world, brought to life by director Henry Scholfield (renowned for his music video work for artists including Stormzy and Billie Eilish), via a mix of analogue and digital effects. Choreographers Keone and Mari Madrid provided the moves, with the routines set to a modern update of Sam & Dave’s soul classic Hold On, I’m Coming.

Agency: Hard Work Club
Co-Founder & ECD: Meghan Kraemer
Senior Designers: Priya Mistry, Dameon Neath
Production Company: Spy Films
Director: Henry Scholfield
Editing House: School Editing
Colour & VFX: Feather
Music & Sound: SNDWRX