Hey Girls: Seeing Red commercial

Entrant: Prettybird; Category: Directing

Seeing Red is a campaign that intends to make viewers feel so angry about period poverty that you feel compelled to help by buying products from social enterprise Hey Girls, which pledges to donate a set of period products to someone in need for every set purchased. Since they started doing it in 2018, Hey Girls has donated over 20 million products.

The campaign is directed by Margot Bowman and was created in consultation with Dr Philip Gable, associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Delaware in Maryland, who helped guide the team so that every creative decision – from music to casting to script – was designed to increase a sense of anger in the audience. The production company also tested three variations of the film before its release, to ensure it was really making ­people angrier and motivated to help.

Production Company: Prettybird
Director: Margot Bowman
Executive Producer: Juliette Larthe
Producer: Paulette Caletti
Production Manager: Benji Landman
Production Manager/1st Aider: Christine Lewis
Production Assistant/Covid Supervisor: Stephen Carruthers
1st Assistant Director: Clara Paris
2nd Assistant Director: Charlotte Miller
Director Of Photography: Annika Summerson
Focus Puller: Maiya Rose
Clapper Loader: Nicola Beattie
Grip: Wolf Wasserman
DIT: Calum Weir
Sound Recordist: John Thorpe
Gaffer: Ben Manwaring
Electrician: Atonis Tsiakos
Wardrobe: Natalie Roar
Hair Stylist: Abra Kennedy
Makeup Artist: Polly Mercer
Production Designer: Bon Walsh
Assistant Art Director: Flo Dickens
VFX Supervisor: George Rockliffe
Runner: Lucia Ritucci
Casarotto & Ramsey: Lucie Llewellyn
Lux Artist: Nikhil Sinh Smith
Production Switchboard: Emma Denne
Wizzo & Co: Hope Moon
Suz Cruz: Sue Yardley
Protagonist: Eleanor Nawal
Woman Who Confides: Talitha Lindo-Chase
Trans Man: Robert Burton Moore
Kitchen/Office Man: Doug Berry
Supermarket/Office Woman: Bhawna Bhawsar
Male Teenager: Oliver Turner
Female Teenager: Drew Williams