At an imposing 50ft by 30ft it has the dimensions of a huge advertising billboard, yet Non Sign II promotes nothing but the beauty of North American skies. Sited in Blaine, Washington, on the US-Canada border, the sculpture is the work of Seattle-based Lead Pencil Studio and is made entirely of blackened steel rods. The work was commissioned by the General Services Administration as part of their Excellence in Design and the Arts programme.


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New musical packages

In the last week or so we’ve seen some really nice, lavish even, music packages so we thought we’d share some with you. First up is the packaging for a new series of 7″ records released on Fred (Airside / Lemon Jelly) Deakin’s Impotent Fury label…

A beautiful film about Linen

Documentary films about the textile industry are not exactly the staple of this site but we’ll make an exception for French director and designer Benoit Millot’s lovely film about linen

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