Hilarious spoof trailer video compares “shitfests” Brexit and Fyre Festival

People’s Vote, the campaign for a second referendum on the EU, has released a spoof video that reworks the notorious Fyre Festival promo film as a pro-Brexit ad

Overhyped, overpriced. Brexit is the new Fyre Festival.

Overhyped. Overpriced. Undeliverable. Brexit is the Fyre Festival of 2019.March with us this saturday for an actual crowd ???? ofoc.co.uk/march#PutItToThePeople

Gepostet von Our Future, Our Choice am Montag, 18. März 2019

Fyre Festival has widely become a signifier of a monumental cockup: a litany of empty promises disguised as glamorous influencers and paradisiacal beaches, outed as a total shitstorm by an image of a very sad cheese sandwich that may or may not be real.

For those in charge of the anti-Brexit People’s Vote campaign, which is fighting for the government to “put it to the people” to have the final say on leaving the EU, Fyre is not so unlike Brexit itself. Our Future Our Choice, the youth organisation campaigning for a People’s Vote, has played out those similarities in a brilliant spoof of the Fyre festival trailer that aims to target younger generations ahead of the #PutItToThePeople march this weekend (Saturday 23 March).

Fyre Festival People’s Vote spoof video, still

The film was commissioned by People’s Vote director of marketing, Sarah Baumann, and written by creative advisor to the organisation, Daniel Fisher, alongside Lloyd Daniel. It was produced by Odelay Films, which turned it around over the past weekend using stock footage.  

Baumann says: “With Fyre Festival being on everyone’s lips this year, it felt like the right metaphor to use, and with just nine days to go, it couldn’t be stronger. Hopefully this will encourage the younger generations, whose very futures are at stake, to join in on Saturday.”

Fyre Festival People’s Vote spoof video, still

Footage in the spoof veers from idyllic beach shots – a smiling older couple dressed in white, frolicking across the sand; blue seas; boats and so on – to images of a rather grey-haired “Britishness”. We see some gents playing bowls, others playing cricket and vast country houses as on-screen text delivers messaging about a “small island … once owned by Henry VIII.”

Naturally, it’s not long until the real ale and Union Jacks appear, with the trailer rather hilariously describes Brexit as “an immersive leaving experience … built on the boundaries of the impossible”. Next, there’s Morris Dancers, bad office dancers, nurses and patients grinning away doing a Gangnam Style dance on a hospital ward. Farage naturally makes a cameo, swilling a pint and chuckling.

Fyre Festival People’s Vote spoof video, still

Brexit is – the film continues with a shot of Boris Johnson looking typically gammonic – “an influencer’s paradise”. The film concludes: “Overhyped, undeliverable. Brexit is a shitfest.”

Late last year to coincide with the Black Friday shopping day, Baumann (formerly Deputy CEO of Leo Burnett) worked with media agency Goodstuff to help orchestrate the pop-up “post-Brexit inconvenience store”, Costupper, which promised  the “worst deals in Europe” by hawking extortionately priced items such as Tomato Botchup to Vanishing Economy bleach.