Hinge’s new campaign shows why it’s “designed to be deleted”

Created by Red Antler, the series of ads introduce us to Hingie, an endearing, fluffy app icon who meets his demise while playing cupid for a number of blossoming romances

The minefield that is modern dating has changed a lot over the last few years. A decade ago admitting that you met your partner on a dating site would’ve been a source of shame, but these days if you’re single and not on a dating app you’re probably the odd one out.

While the likes of Tinder are better known for facilitating one-night stands and ghosting than finding true love, since being founded in 2012 Hinge has positioned itself as an antidote to the ‘swipe right’ mentality that effectively gamifies dating.

Created by New York-based agency Red Antler, Hinge’s new campaign looks to remind users of its tagline: ‘the dating app designed to be deleted’.

The campaign stars Hingie, a googly-eyed, furry app icon who is – quite literally – dying for people to couple up.

In a series of scenes, the couples are so engrossed in each other’s company that they fail to notice Hingie drowning in a washing machine, being attacked by pigeons or getting crushed by a falling AC unit.

The campaign is certainly a refreshing change from the cheesy lines and sickeningly sweet romance typically associated with dating ads, although you can’t help but feel a little sad about Hingie having to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Agency: Red Antler
Production company: Aspekt
Direction: RBG6
Photography: Gustav Almestål
Editing: Mackcut