Holiday Ads Review

Well done, you’ve made it to the end of the first working week of 2016. Time to book a holiday? Lots of travel firms think so – here’s our review of the crop of holiday ads that have been hitting our screens of late.

We open with a charming little number from Thomas Cook, which features a shark-finned little boy dancing his way to the swimming pool. With excellent casting, and a great soundtrack, this spot is a winner, apart from one quibble – when are pools ever that quiet?

Agency: Albion; 8/10 continues the successful jokey style that’s featured in its recent ads here, with a movie trailer-style spot that suggests that you will have the ‘best 2016 ever’ if you book with them. The ad then promotes a ‘Resolution Translator’ app which purports to turn your new year’s pledges into holiday ideas. I always wonder how many people actually bother to use these kinds of sites, but it’s actually pretty fun when you’re on there. A couple of examples are shown below.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam; 7/10

Some clichés are hard to shake, especially when they are regularly repeated in adverts. The ‘efficient German holidaymaker’ is one, and it appears again in this campaign for Travelsupermarket. A follow up spot even features the old chestnut about Germans always getting their towels on sunloungers first too. Nice direction from Andreas Nilsson though, even if the creative feels a bit hackneyed.

Agency: The Corner; 6/10

This spot for Virgin Holidays is shot entirely using a camera on a drone, presumably so that it can feature remote locations (or maybe because drones are a trendy gimmick right now). The swooping effect of the drone gives a slightly sinister feel to the shots though, which is then increased by the booming reworking of One Day I’ll Fly Away. Doesn’t work for me.

Agency: M&C Saatchi; 3/10

We’ve all felt like this heavy-hearted bear at some point – perhaps even this week. So this ad for Center Parcs is likely to strike a chord with the brand’s core family audience. The cover of True Colours shows the ongoing influence of those John Lewis Christmas ad soundtracks – it’s a little sugary for my tastes but does a good job of enhancing the poor bear’s gloom.

Agency: Brothers and Sisters; 8/10

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