Olivia Arthur

Home by Magnum Photographers

A new book and major touring exhibition sees 16 Magnum photographers examine the concept of ‘Home’, resulting in a complex and often poignant portrait of a very personal subject.

What does home look like to you? This is the question posed by a new project created by 16 Magnum photographers, from Elliott Erwitt to Olivia Arthur, Thomas Dworzak to David Alan Harvey, in collaboration with the Fujifilm Corporation.

The resulting images, as you might expect, are wildly varied. A number feature small children or elderly parents – indicative of the fact that home is most often tied up with notions of family; that it is, as the cliché goes, where the heart is. Several of the photographers chose to examine the actual buildings that they call home, sometimes from afar, others looking in extreme close up at details that would otherwise usually be missed.


London Bridge