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Wieden + Kennedy London has created a series of mini Honda documentaries for the brand’s sponsorship of Channel 4 Documentaries.

Wieden + Kennedy London has created a series of mini Honda documentaries for the brand’s sponsorship of Channel 4 Documentaries.

Two short films have been created so far, both featuring real-lfe Honda customers who use their Honda products in unusual and interesting ways. The latest film, Night Fishing, shows a group of fisherman who take their boat (which is powered by Honda marine engines, natch) out at night off the coast of Brixham to catch their fish in the dark, using luminous lures.

Night Fishing follows last month’s film Alpacas, a charming short that stars Philippa, a mildly eccentric alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire, who tends to the animals on her farm using a Honda ATV. The series is created by Hollie Newton, a creative at Wieden + Kennedy.

A ‘take part’ competition has also been launched as part of the campaign, inviting Honda owners to upload stories and photographs about the surprising ways they use their products. A favourite will be chosen by Honda and Wieden + Kennedy and turned into a final mini-documentary, which will be featured on TV as idents. More information is online at


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