Hope to Nope: Can design cause political change?

Examining the ‘political graphic design of a turbulent decade’ the Design Museum show explores the impact of social and digital media on the way in which political ideas have been communicated in the past ten years

Was it all down to the hat? Sitting on a plinth in the Design Museum’s new show on political graphic design is a red baseball cap with the words Make America Great Again crudely stitched across its front. This simple, powerful message, delivered via the classic medium of the ordinary working American ultimately won out over Michael Bierut’s highly professionalised identity for Hilary Clinton.

The Humour issue

CR gets serious about being funny featuring
Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, Lisa McGee,
Naresh Ramchandani, David Kolbusz, Roz Chast,
Emily Oberman, Asterix, Stephen Collins,
Dominic Wilcox and the DLR

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