Hornbach’s latest stunt is a build-it-yourself plant chair

The German DIY brand is encouraging people to craft their own furniture, with a set of instructions for the Green Hideaway – a chair that’s also a climbing frame for a plant

The Green Hideaway is part of Hornbach’s ongoing Werkstück series of build-it-yourself bits of furniture – which come in the form of detailed instruction booklets, and a list of materials you can buy (obvs) at your local Hornbach store. The design of this new product is a riff on the iconic Swedish pinnstol chairs, distinguished by the wooden bars that make up their seatbacks.

Hornbach’s longstanding creative agency HeimatTBWA\ led the campaign, while Swedish studio Front/ created the chair concept – which they describe as an attempt to bring more nature indoors, and tap into their own childhood experience of the forest as “a second living room”.

Guido Heffels, co-founder and chief creative at HeimatTBWA\, says the idea behind the Werkstück series is to “democratise great design”.

Aspiring furniture builders can download the full instructions from the Hornbach website (they’re in Swedish but there are also helpful pictures), with Hornbach’s press release suggesting it should take a couple of days for a ‘non-professional’ to complete.

The furniture is the latest in a series of madcap bits of creative work from Hornbach, which include sneaker-shaped swimming pools, plants on joyrides and a series of safety jackets by artist Ai Weiwei.

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