Hot Chip, One Pure Thought

Production company Trunk Animation collaborated with artists Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle for this animated video for Hot Chip’s One Pure Thought

“The band were initially filmed on green screen in France with the idea of utilising a style of repetitive movement found in old zoetropes,” explains Trunk producer Richard Barnett. “This footage was then clipped into rough loops and a team of animators roto­scoped and animated the action. The animation was created in such a way that the look of the fills and lines could be easily adapted through­out the project, as there was no specific design style at first and the video production needed to be flexible throughout…. From the start the band wanted a handmade quality to the piece, so we developed a lino print feel to the imagery, pushing the lines until they seeped and off-setting the fills so they were layered differently in each shot.

The textures also had a major effect on the final look, different textures were used to create colourful patterned fills, which when put together nearly overload the senses, complimenting the simplicity of the movement. The overall effect is a colourful, abstract piece of work.”

Production company: Trunk Animation
Directors: Bevis Martin, Charlie Youle
Animation: Aaron Lampert, Nick Brooks
Commissioner: Semera Khan, EMI


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