How artists and brands can work well together

Brands and artists need each more than ever these days, yet collaborations that are satisfying for both sides can be hard to achieve. Below, Sarah Williams, founder of arts consultancy Soho Curious & Co, offers some advice on how to get the most out of a partnership

I strongly believe that art offers a way for brands to engage with audiences, both existing and new. It’s an amazing tool to make an impact and have a deeper connection. Yet, it’s not always an easy collaboration: artists are often unaware of all the paraphernalia that modern brands have to manage – budgets, deadlines, investors and sales targets – and it’s true to say that some brands still find the thought of working with an artist quite terrifying.

But if you can make a creative partnership work, it can be the difference between an average campaign and an extremely successful one. You just have to navigate it thoughtfully and carefully.