How design is integral to a modern football club

Britain’s Premier League football clubs are now huge corporate brands with global followings. Design and communications are vital to how a club operates. We speak to the Everton branding team about designing the historic ‘People’s Club’

England’s football clubs were once loyal only to the fans who filled the stadiums on match day. Now, fans from every nation in the world watch British football on television and social media. That means Premier League clubs are constantly competing online as well as on the pitch, each searching for followers from other nations, along with the revenue streams they provide.

But it is crucial that football clubs also stay true to their history and legacy, and maintain a link to the local fanbase. That makes graphic design and brand communication a key aspect of any modern football club. We speak to the four designers – Sharelle Hunt, Ian Donovan, Catherine Marr, Michael Moran – at Everton Football Club to get a sense of how they work, and how designers can pursue a career in such a potentially lucrative growth area in the graphic design industry.

At Everton, the design team’s day-to-day work is diverse. Ian Donovan, a senior designer at the club, tells Creative Review: “One minute we can be working with the club’s official charity, creating fundraising assets that support our far-reaching work in the community, the next we could be working with the marketing team to bring to life the club’s fan-facing campaigns such as Season Ticket renewals, Official Membership packages or match promotional materials.”