How Elvie is changing women’s health tech

Elvie has brought some much-needed innovation to women’s health tech – along with a tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising. We talk to Elvie’s Darren Goode and Mother ECD Ana Balarin about the brand’s approach

The women’s health tech market is booming. In the past few years we’ve seen a wave of smart products addressing periods, sex and birth control – from Flo’s Period Tracker to controversial app Natural Cycles and sexual health service Tia. Innovation in this sector has been slow – perhaps because of the male-dominated nature of tech, or the fact that topics such as childbirth and periods have long been considered taboo – but it seems this is finally starting to change.

One of the most talked about brands in this space is Elvie, which has raised millions of dollars in investment and made headline news with its smart products for mums. The brand’s pelvic floor trainer and silent, cordless breast pump have been hailed as game changers, while its bold ad campaigns and PR stunts have addressed the realities of new motherhood with wit and humour – a rare approach in a sector where communications tend to veer towards sentimental or clinical.