How I Get Ideas: Photographer Lydia Whitmore

Lydia Whitmore has built a successful career as a stills photographer, working across fine art, editorial and commercial work. As she launches her own creative agency and branches into other mediums, she talks about how and where she finds inspiration

Lydia Whitmore has quite a lot on her plate right now. “I’m currently working on a film with the artist Nicky Deeley, which is going to be shot at the Barbican, and which explores artificial intelligence and mental health,” the London-based photographer explains. “I’m also setting up a creative agency, which is probably a really mad thing to do, but it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time. We’re trying to come at it from more of an artist’s point of view. And a friend of mine has written a script for a horror film. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, make a horror film. I’ve just got to figure out how best to do that.”

Whitmore pauses on the line. “Oh, and I’m also trying to build a robot. I’ve been talking to an animatronics man. I may have to set that aside until I have vast amounts of money. But I really want to do that. It’s all really mad.”

It does, to be honest, sound a little mad for someone who has established themselves, to great effect, as a commercial and editorial stills photographer. But then why bet against Lydia Whitmore?