How I Get Ideas: Sound Designer Yuri Suzuki

The sound designer and recent Pentagram addition gets his ideas from a surprising array of places, whether that’s the latest Marvel blockbuster or the scribblings in his personal collection of Moleskine notebooks he has built up over the past decade

Given the multi-faceted nature of Yuri Suzuki’s work, you’d be forgiven for thinking that his ideas come from equally experimental art forms or abstract concepts. Born in Tokyo and based in London for the past decade, the designer is the first to admit that his work is difficult to categorise. He originally studied product design at the Royal College of Arts, but now classes himself as a sound and experience designer who works at the intersection of installation, interaction and product design.

While Suzuki’s projects have ranged from DIY musical instrument OTOTO (now part of MoMA’s permanent collection) to a sonic playground filled with pendulums for Audi, the common denominator is his fascination with the relationship between sound and people, and how music and sound affect the mind.