How I Got Here: Harley Weir

As the photographer’s work covering the migrant crisis in the Calais Jungle goes on display at Brighton Photo Biennial, she discusses breaking away from fashion photography, and the importance of tackling issues that you genuinely care about

Harley Weir’s client list reads like a who’s who of the fashion world. At the tender age of 29, she has already shot editorials for the likes of i-D, Dazed and British Vogue, as well campaigns for Gucci and Calvin Klein. But over the last six years she has also started to address more political issues in her personal work.

This started out in 2012 with a project on borders after her visit to the West Bank, and culminated in her 2016 photo series, Homes, which gave a more personal insight into life in the Calais Jungle than much of the more traditional war reportage that has saturated our TV screens and social media feeds.

As Homes goes on display at the 2018 Brighton Photo Biennial, Weir tells CR about getting her first break in fashion, and why her previous work shouldn’t constrain her to just taking photos of clothes.