How I Got Here: Joel Meyerowitz

The veteran photographer talks to CR about learning his craft on the streets of New York, making the case for colour and his new retrospective, Where I Find Myself

Joel Meyerowitz pioneered the use of colour in photography at a time when it was looked down on in the art world. His vivid images captured the energy and vibrancy of 1960s New York and the diversity of life on its streets.

Over the next few decades, Meyerowitz travelled across the US and Europe: he took pictures in St Louis, in Boston, Florida, California, Germany, Scotland, Mexico and Paris. He continued to document life in New York and spent nine months at the World Trade Center site after 9/11 photographing rescue workers searching through the rubble.

Meyerowitz now lives in Tuscany. He continues to take pictures – most recently of objects – and recently created an online course for aspiring image-makers with Masters of Photography. He has also just published Where I Find Myself: a fascinating and candid autobiography in which he looks back on his career. Here, Meyerowitz explains why he gave up his job as an art director to take pictures and how he honed his craft…