How I Got Here: Lizzo’s Creative Director Quinn Wilson

Lizzo’s creative director Quinn Wilson tells CR how she went from doing makeup to directing music videos, and why big bouncing asses and real conversations really can work side by side

Before working with Lizzo, Quinn Wilson had never stepped behind a camera before, but in the eight years since the two met she’s directed music videos, created album covers, and overseen set design for the musician. Their creative partnership has played a huge role in shaping Lizzo’s visual identity, and it’s come a long way considering Wilson started out as the musician’s makeup artist.

Wilson’s approach to things has been heavily shaped by her unconventional route into the creative industries, and she says having “blind faith” in her own ideas has allowed her to experiment and be bold in her approach. She’s also shown she’s not scared to mix serious messages with playful imagery – as she says, “you can have some real statements and do it in front of a big, bouncing ass”. Having recently signed to Good Company, as well as making forays into photography, Wilson spoke with CR about staying wide-eyed in LA, and why a bit of anxiety can be a sign that you’re doing something right.