How I Got Here: Stanley Donwood

The artist and long-time Radiohead collaborator talks to CR about his creative process, the struggle to find work after art school and his brilliant new book, There Will Be No Quiet

It’s over 20 years since Stanley Donwood created the artwork for OK Computer – an album that saw Radiohead top the UK charts and Donwood’s images appear on billboards around the world. Since then, Donwood has created a wealth of brilliant visuals for the band’s music, working in close collaboration with Thom Yorke while albums are being made.

Alongside his work with Radiohead, Donwood has built a diverse body of artistic work spanning books, prints, paintings and mixed media exhibitions. He’s also created large-scale artworks for Glastonbury and book covers for 21 JG Ballard novels. And now, he’s released a book which documents his creative process and his fascinating career in his own words.

Published by Thames & Hudson, There Will Be No Quiet is a joy to read. Over a series of chapters, Donwood reveals the stories behind some of his best-known projects. Part monograph, part memoir, it’s an intimate and candid look at Donwood’s work – and his journey from struggling art school graduate to established artist.

We sat down with Donwood ahead of the book’s release to hear more about his time at art school, working for Plymouth Council, his early job in an internet cafe and the cathartic nature of art.