How I use colour: Camille Walala

This week, we’re talking to artists and creatives about how they use colour in their work. Here, Camille Walala explains how her childhood home influenced her distinctive aesthetic and how she selects colours for large-scale commissions

Camille Walala has transformed homes, studios, gallery spaces and a children’s playground with geometric patterns and bold colours. Her exuberant work is instantly recognisable and impossible to miss, combining stripes and Memphis-inspired patterns with bright primary shades.

She recently designed the interiors for Salt of Palmar – a beach front hotel in Mauritius – creating light and bright bedrooms, a striking courtyard with monochrome pool and dining spaces with colourful furnishings. Here, she talks us through her love of warm spaces, brightening up colourless city streets and the places and artists that have inspired her through their innovative use of colour.

Creative Review: Where did your love of colour come from?
Camille Walala: I grew up in the south of France with my mum, in a small village [near Avignon]. Our house was really colourful: we had African fabrics and a lot of warm colours in the kitchen. One room was emerald green and my room was peach, mint and grey – a very 80s palette!

I think that’s where my love of colour came from – that, and growing up with the blue skies and all the vibrant colours of the countryside.