How I Work: Andrea Love

We dive into the world of stop-motion animator Andrea Love, who explains her love of wool, what being self-taught brings to her work and the joy of making “inanimate objects move and come to life”

The warmth and charm of Andrea Love’s stop motion animations have led to a loyal fanbase on social media. Based in Port Townsend, Washington, Love initially studied video production and film studies at university, and since then has gradually taught herself animation over the years. 

Specialising in stop motion, the majority of Love’s work is created in needle-felted wool. This texture gives her work a cosy aesthetic that sits on the right side of twee as she tells stories about everyday happenings, reimaginings of fairytales and touches on wider themes such as age, family and fear. 

Working from her basement, Love’s work has been screened at festivals such as LA Shorts Fest and Tribeca, and she’s also established a commercial career where she’s created spots for a host of different brands. Here the animator talks about being self-taught, developing a style, and how she makes her basement work as a studio.

Top: Still from Tulip. Above: Andrea Love and the set of Cooking. All images and videos: Andrea Love