How I Work: Chris Ware

Speaking at this year’s Offset festival, artist and illustrator Chris Ware gave insights into his working practice, his battles with self-doubt and procrastination, and how comic books capture the “infinite present”.

A highlight of this year’s Offset festival, which took place in Dublin last weekend, was to hear artist Chris Ware in conversation with Eye magazine editor John L Walters. Ware’s work is renowned for its combination of humour and pathos in his examination of the human condition. He is especially known for his cover art for the New Yorker, his award-winning comic strip, The Acme Novelty Library, and his books, which include Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, and new title, Monograph.

During the session, Ware revealed himself to be witty and self-effacing, and gave thoughtful insights into his working practice, the relationship between writing and drawing, and the status of comic books in the cultural canon. Here are some highlights:


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