How I Work: Marc Valli, Laurence King

We speak to the former founder of bookshop Magma about the changing nature of the publishing industry, creating gifts that have content at their core, and why more and more publishers are beginning to take them seriously

Marc Valli’s love affair with print goes way back. His career in publishing spans 20 years, and has included running bookshop Magma along with co-founder Montse Prats for 11 of those years, founding publications including Graphic Magazine and Elephant, and his current role as Deputy Publisher at Laurence King.

Another large part Valli’s role at Laurence King is overseeing the publisher’s gift team (also known as ‘The Gift Lab’) – a rapidly expanding area of the business, and one which is becoming increasingly popular across the rest of the publishing industry as well. Here, Valli discusses how publishers have been adapting to the Amazon era, and the role that well-designed and thought-out gifts can play.