How I Work: Virgin Galactic Creative Director Tom Westray

The man in charge of the look and feel of the world’s first commercial space flight company discusses walking the line between science fiction and real life, and why designing Virgin Galactic’s spacesuits was like making a wedding dress for 600 people

As creative director of Virgin Galactic, Tom Westray faces a unique set of challenges – everything from overseeing the livery and interiors of the world’s first commercial space ships, through to designing the inky blue spacesuits that ticket-holders will wear on their ride through the stratosphere. It is, he admits, a huge responsibility.

Much of Westray’s work revolves around questions most creative directors will never have to ask themselves – for example, will this seat design distract passengers from the view of Earth? Does this spaceship look just a little too sci-fi?

Here, he shares his thoughts on walking the line between the real world and the future we see on film, the reason there’ll be no sign of the company’s trademark red in space, and why creating Virgin Galactic’s spacesuits was like designing a wedding dress for hundreds of people.