How I Work: Wilfrid Wood

The sculptor and former Spitting Image head maker on humour in art, critiquing his work and finding inspiration in his local Tesco

Wilfrid Wood is known for his humorous sculptures of celebrities and everyday folk. He has created clay and plasticine likenesses of rockers, royalty and reality TV stars from Kim Kardashian to Paul McCartney and Prince George. He often pokes fun at his subjects and their public personas (see Clare Balding – known for her cheery on-screen demeanour – angrily puffing on a cigarette), but there’s more to his art than LOLs: Wood’s sculptures are keenly observed, brilliantly crafted and celebrate the diversity of the human form.

Wood has found a new audience for his work on Instagram – he has over 39,000 followers and regularly posts images of his drawings, sculptures and works-in-progress – and recently held an exhibition of hand-drawn portraits of people in East London. Here, he discusses his creative process, his use of humour and how he chooses his famous subjects.