How I Work: Wong Ping

Artist Wong Ping tells CR why he likens his creative process to that of a standup comedian, and how internet culture has influenced his animation work

There’s few animators tackling as unconventional a set of subjects as artist Wong Ping. His films – known for being a bit naughty – cover everything from a man’s concerns about penis size and curvature, to someone whose wife of nine years has recently become a prostitute. The simply told narratives are accompanied by bizarre animated characters made in psychedelic colours.

In recent years, Ping’s work has been discovered by the art world, allowing him to branch out beyond the screen and start putting his animated films into installation settings, as well as explore more sculptural pieces. Here, he tells CR how hours spent on social media have given him a rich source of stories to draw on, why all his ‘writing’ takes place in his brain rather than on paper, and how his process is akin to standup comedy.

Where stories come from It’s a mixture of a hundred things in there. I’d say life on the internet, as well as friend’s experiences and stories. Mostly it’s from things I get interested in – something I saw on Instagram, or different phenomenons happening around the world. I’m interested in the modern contemporary times, and how people react to things. Travelling is even better because you get to see more weird stuff.