How Kyra is rewriting the rules of video

Pitching itself as a TV network for Gen Z, Kyra is the brains behind fashion-focused YouTube shows PAQ and NAYVA. We talk to Creative Director Kaio Grizzelle about writing for real-life content, and finding inspiration everywhere from haute couture to Geordie Shore

We’ve become all too familiar with the tendency to view social as a dumping ground for content. Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and you’ll likely be met with a deluge of cat videos, while YouTube is now home to thousands of would-be vloggers – some more successful than others.

Founded in 2017, Kyra TV has positioned itself as an antidote to mainstream social media’s clickbait agenda. The self-proclaimed ‘new age TV network’ focuses on lifestyle-themed, long-form video, using YouTube as its primary platform. The startup is the brainchild of four friends who previously set up the now-defunct creative agency Dojo Media, where alongside running events app Dojo they were also creating content for big brands.